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Shooting Technique

butcher deer

When hunting birds with a shotgun (or a 50-cal machine gun), one points the gun and pulls the trigger. When hunting big game with a rifle, one aims the gun, and squeezes the trigger. This is a subtle but very important distinction. They each require a very different frame of mind. After a season of shooting pheasants, your brain has to relearn how to use a rifle. You may want to hit the range with your rifle. Even if you take your varmint gun out and pop some vermin, that will serve to get you out of the shotgun mode.

butcher deer

When firing your rifle, you must be startled when it actually discharges. If you gently and slowly squeeze the trigger, you will not be able to anticipate the exact moment that the pin strikes the primer. You will be startled. This is good. If you jerk the trigger to avoid the "discomfort" of being surprised by a hefty kick, you may blow the shot. Come to embrace the startling jolt of the kick. It will be your feedback that you have done it right.

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